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Developing period

Quality improvement for LPG intake manifold of heavy equipment

Voucher support business for Kyungbuk local innovative growth company Kyungbuk technopark 20.08 ~ 20.10
Developing prototype for various and large size aliminium alloy material like cover, oil chamber which is part of generator and turbine. Kyungbuk global small-giant company program Kyungbuk technopark 20.07 ~ 20.10

In-line engine Intake manifold- Improvement quality and productivity for casting material

Process · Quality Engineering Development Business (Site R&D) SMBA 20.06 ~ 21.06
high pressure pump for diesel engine fuel injection Improvement quality and stablizing for hosing material Product · Process Improvement Engineering Development Business SMBA 19.05 ~ 20.05

Developing auto cutting machine to cut feeder for casting steel material of turbo charger turbine housing

Improvement process engineering for core technology company SMBA 17.11 ~ 18.11
Research and development for combined shielding material Research and development for combined shielding material KEPCO Engineering & Construction Company. INC 16.12 ~ 21.06

Developing gravity casting machine for auto injection process of intake manifold

Product · Process Improvement Engineering Development Business SMBA 16.09 ~ 17.05
Developing material for turbocharger insert ring with sell mold process Technical cooperation support business with core technology company Korea national root industry center 16.09 ~ 17.02

Laddle Automatic Pouring System Development for Manufacturing the Cast Steel Material

Market Creation of Robot Industry & Enhanced Business of Parts Competitiveness DMI 15.04 ~ 15.10
Shell Mold Process Development for High Precision of Oil Deflector Roots-Demand Company for Technical Cooperation Business MOTIE 15.02 ~ 15.07
Integrated Turbine housing Development with Double Scroll for Turbocharger Business promoted for Economic Region Leading Industry MOTIE 13.06 ~ 15.04
Automatic Pouring System Development of Aluminum Gravity Casting Manufacture Process Innovation Support Industry of Heat Application Roots Industry DMI 14.10 ~ 15.01
The development of Water-cooled motor frame for hybrid car Excellent patent subject SMBA 07.05 ~ 08.04
The development of altimeter case and housing accumulator for air force fighter The localization of defense parts AFLC 06.01 ~ 08.08
The localization of intake manifold and housing mechnical for tank The localization of defense parts LOGCMD 05.01 ~ 07.02
The localization of α-γ type manipulator for hot cell Nuclear power practical use rearch MST 04.10 ~ 05.09
The development of cooling fan for high temperature workshop Job evasion factor solution SMBA 04.04 ~ 05.03
The localization of packing ring for steam turbine and H2 seal casing for generator Industrial technology development MOCIE 02.09 ~ 04.08
The development of RI container manufacturing technology by squeeze casting Removal technology development SMBA 02.09 ~ 03.08
The Localization of PET Hot Cell Technology innovation SMBA 01.08 ~ 02.07
The development of Al flange manufacturing process for breaker of super high voltage Technology innovation SMBA 00.04 ~ 01.03
The localization of β-γ type manipulator for hot cell Nuclear power R&D results removal MST 99.12 ~ 00.12
The localization of superalloy components for nuclear reactor control Industry-academic cooperation R&D development Gyeongsangbuk-Do Provincal Government 99.07 ~ 00.06
The Development of Anode for the manufacturing of Copper foil Removal technology development SMBA 98.07 ~ 99.06
The development of welding technology for manufacturing of alloyed aluminium tube for breaker of super high voltage Industry-based technology development MOCIE 98.07 ~ 99.03
The localization of super Al alloy conductors Invar-Reinforced High technology development MOTIE 97.11 ~ 98.10
The localization of Al alloy compressor housing for bus Removal technology development SMBA 97.03 ~ 98.03
The localization of oil deflector material High technology development MOTIE 97.04 ~ 98.03
  DMI :Daegu Mechatronics & Materials Institute
SMBA : Small and Medium Business Administration
AFLC : Air Force Logistics Command
LOGCMD : ROKA Logistics Command
MST : The Ministry of Science and Technology
MOCIE : The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
MOTIE : The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy